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Just like the swing, @matthew_cooke1 says phases of participation starts from the ground up. https://t.co/BlqM6NHpD5 https://t.co/BlqM6NHpD5 2017-02-08 15:02:32
.@MarkBroadie shares how elite players distinguish themselves from average players on 150 - 200 yard approach shots: https://t.co/OJhNeYO79e 2017-02-07 22:31:22
Could the latest and greatest drivers actually be hurting your game? @Fab_Colon says yes. https://t.co/cjhflU0sUj https://t.co/cjhflU0sUj 2017-02-07 16:10:22
From 150 to 200 yards out, Tour players hit the green 71% of the time. 15-handicappers hit the green an average of 22% (via @MarkBroadie).2017-02-06 23:01:29
"Turn and Burn: Ripping it with Your Lower Body." Great post from @ShaunWebbGolf: https://t.co/pix2r65Fvh https://t.co/pix2r65Fvh 2017-02-06 15:02:59
Oftentimes 'casting' is the cause of your slice with the driver. Here's how to stop. https://t.co/7EoI9pLWTQ https://t.co/7EoI9pLWTQ 2017-02-05 18:02:19
A connected golf swing is a solid golf swing. A car sponge can connect your swing better. https://t.co/mb5WtismKI https://t.co/mb5WtismKI 2017-02-04 18:02:31

K-Vest Level 1 

Juan Pablo Gonez Rogines is a K-VEST Certified Professional, a community of accomplished professionals that utilize 3D and 6D motion capture technology to fully understand how the body moves to create a repeatable and efficient swing motion. K-VEST Professionals specialize in understanding swing efficiency, and more importantly, possess the key education to implement the changes that will improve both body and club dynamics. Our programs provide players with state of the art biofeedback that improve awareness using visual, auditory and kinesthetic feedback. For information on how to schedule a K-VEST session, please contact Juan Pablo Gonez Rogines via email or phone listed in the contact information.

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